Maki-e is not completed in a few days.It takes a long time of several months to several years and a lot of time and effort to produce it.

Only those who understand that it takes time to produce lacquer and Maki-e will accept orders after consulting with me. Please note that I may decline depending on the content of the consultation. Thank you for your understanding.

And after understanding my Maki-e work style, I also accept custom orders to apply urushi work to your own items.

The order flow and precautions are described below. If you are considering it, please refer to it.

Current custom order status (as of June. 16, 2024)


Temporarily stop accepting custom orders.

Orders are piling up, so I'm going to take a break to focus on the Maki-e work.
The date is still undecided, but
I am planning to accept 4 people who apply using the order form on a first-come, first-served basis around this summer.(Probably in August)

I will notify you as soon as the reception date is decided again.
I'm sorry but,
I am unable to answer any questions or inquiries regarding the specific date.

I apologize for the inconvenience,
but I am unable to answer any questions regarding when I will reopen.
I am very sorry again,
Since maki-e itself takes time, I cannot make irresponsible promises,
so I will not contact you individually to start accepting applications.

Thank you very much for your understanding.🙏✨

Yukari Mochizuki








Step to Order

①Determining the base material for Maki-e work

Check if the item you want to Maki-e can be lacquered.


  • Wood
  • Ebonite
  • Synthetic resin

Basically, lacquer “URUSHI” is a very excellent paint, so it will firmly settle. Most materials can be applied.

No good

  • What has already been painted (Urethane coating, etc.)
  • Those with parts that cannot be disassembled and lacquered
Japanese major pen makers have already released wonderful Maki-e work as standard products. Therefore, I refuse to customize the pens of Japanese major fountain pen makers.(Pilot,Sailor,Platinum) Please note in advance.

All painted items can be lacquered after removing the paint. However, urethane coating is difficult to peel off, and it does not go well with urushi after peeling off, so I do not accept it.I can make urushi work on metal-painted items, but I do not accept it because it may easily come off due to its compatibility with urushi.

Maki-e work includes sharpening and polishing.
For already assembled parts such as fountain pens, I accept only those that can be disassembled such as clips.If the clip cannot be disassembled and removed, partial Maki-e work of only the barrel is acceptable.

②the design and material

I only accept orders from people who have a good understanding of the trends in my work and can leave the design, detailed techniques, combinations, etc. to me.

★Customers who require detailed design specifications and frequent communication (such as long restraints in chat messages)may be refused if it is judged that there is too much difference between my style and world view.
Basically, I draw directly without drafts or detailed Okime. Please note.

★I do not accept Maki-e work designs for copyrighted characters as they are illegal.
In addition, I cannot accept the exact same design as the one that already exists as an off-the-shelf product.

★I can't draw humans.

Please tell me the specific Maki-e work you want to do.

For example…

  • Feels like a work on my Instagram post
  • Animals
  • Plants
  • Waves, sky, wind, mountains, water, etc.
  • Favorite color

Colored Urushi has a strong finished color. The colors will become brighter over the years.

Also decide the materials to use with the design.

  • Colored Urushi
  • Transparent Urushi
  • Black Urushi
  • Raden (Shellfish)
  • Eggshell
  • Gold powder
  • Yellow gold powder
  • Silver powder

If there is a material you want to use, I will give priority to it and propose it.

All natural lacquer urushi (mainly from Japan) and pure metal powder are used. I do not use Maki-e powder as a substitute.

* When using pure gold, the price may increase significantly. The prices below are subject to change without notice.

Maki-eEstimated price
Togidashi-Maki-e/RadenFrom 150,000 JPY
Togidashi-Taka-Maki-eFrom 250,000 JPY

It depends on the size of the Maki-e work and the amount of materials used.Just as people have different tastes for paintings, the same Maki-e work is different for each person. Please consult with me after understanding my style on Instagram.

My work is also introduced on the “work” page.If you want to thoroughly create something that you are particular about, I think it would be better to make it yourself, so I decline your request.

I will give you a rough estimate of the design and materials used.

③Quotation accepted / delivery

Please note that the estimate is a rough estimate. If there is something to add during the work, it will be added. In that case, I will do so after obtaining your consent.

I will give you my address, so please send me what you want to do Maki-e. Please pay the shipping fee at your own expense.

Also, if you send it, please let me know the delivery tracking number in case of emergency.

④Maki-e work

If you wish, I will post the process of work on my Instagram.If you do not want to post, please be assured that I will not publish it at all.

Since “URUSHI” is natural, it may take some time to dry, which is unexpected. If I have any other concerns, I will always work with your consent.

When it’s done, I’ll let you know with a video or photo.

After confirmation, please pay the fee with paypal. Shipping uses EMS.

※The price is the price plus the shipping fee and paypal fee 4%. Please bear the shipping fee.


(If you would like to pay in installments, I can discuss this with you.)


As soon as payment by paypal is confirmed, I will process the delivery.

I will inform you of the tracking number after the delivery procedure.
If it arrives safely, it is complete.

Custom order form

The order form will be ready for entry one day before acceptance. However, if it is sent before the reception date and time, it will be invalid. I will notify you as soon as the reception date is decided.