災害対策のプラスアイテムに漆器を…! Laquer ware as a plus item for Disaster preparedness!


Laquer ware is becoming less used in modern life. Recently, lacquer ware compatible with microwave ovens has been released, but I do not know whether it is genuine lacquer ware.



Over time, humankind has developed various things and produced various products. I think it is unavoidable that the population using lacquer ware will decrease because the efforts of many people have increased the choices in life.

At the same time, there are many things that are good for old life but not suitable for today’s life. Naturally, I am grateful for the past and I think that what is important is the people who live now and the future.

現代生活に欠かせない電気 Electricity indispensable for modern life



There are electricity, water, and gas as lifelines in modern life.

In particular, electricity has become an indispensable part of modern human life. However, lacquer ware is not compatible with its electricity and electromagnetic waves. As for the precautions for handling lacquer ware, I think the first thing to mention is the inability to use a microwave oven.


What happens if you put lacquer ware in the microwave ↓

漆器を電子レンジ使用すると起こってしまうこと What happens when you use lacquer ware in the microwave


If you accidentally put the lacquer ware in the microwave and use it, the following may occur.

  • 木地に貼っていた布地ごと剥がれて素地が見えてしまう
  • 溶けたようになってしまう
  • The fabric that was pasted on the wood will be peeled off and the base material will be visible.
  • It will be melted


As for lacquer ware with Makie, the gold powder used for lacquer ware is metal, so it is thought that the following will occur when electromagnetic waves are poured into the metal. Of course, I have never done it because the important Makie work will be difficult.

  • 電磁波が金属面に反射して、火花が散る Electromagnetic waves are reflected on the metal surface and sparks are scattered.


It seems that there are various different reactions depending on the polishing condition and unevenness of the surface of the gold powder, rather than sparks scattered on the lacquer work using all the gold powder.



For that reason, you cannot use a microwave oven even if you have kintsugi on pottery.

Microwave ovens cannot be used for ceramics with gold paintings.


The pottery itself has heat resistance, but basically, even if it looks the same when used in a microwave oven, it will have an effect on each use and it seems that it has been damaged, so I do not recommend it very much.

漆器が電子レンジ対応不可の理由 Reasons why lacquer ware is not compatible with microwave ovens




The reason why microwave ovens are not available is that lacquer rejects electromagnetic waves.

Lacquer also has the property of not transmitting electromagnetic waves, and it seems that the coating film structure of lacquer is destroyed by the electromagnetic waves emitted from the microwave oven.

The lacquer itself does not have any problem even if it is baked, so it is incompatible with electromagnetic waves.

電磁波が及ぼす環境問題を可視化している?Does lacquer visualize the environmental problems caused by electromagnetic waves?



Urushi is a natural product that has existed long before humans incorporated electrical energy into their lives.

Environmental problems related to this energy that humans have used for many years have become a global issue in recent years. WHO states that no scientific basis has been obtained, but there are concerns about the effects of electromagnetic waves on the human body.





Radiation, which is a problem in nuclear power generation, is also a group of electromagnetic waves.

When lacquer ware derived from natural things is put in a microwave oven, the coating film structure of lacquer is destroyed. In a sense, it seems that the natural environment is destroyed in front of human.

In addition, lacquer ware that has been microwaved once will never return to its original state. In other words, it even seems that lacquer shows that nature will not return once it is destroyed.

This may be an extreme statement, but it’s my personal opinion.

災害の備えに漆器を…Laquer ware for disasters

発想の転換:使用方法と場面を考える Change of thinking: Think about how to use and the situation



Electricity has already become an indispensable part of modern human life.

For some people, microwave ovens are also a daily necessity.


Electricity itself is the product of human efforts to make life better, more convenient and more comfortable. However, I think that there are always good and bad things, and you have to understand them before using them.


Laquer ware may certainly not be microwaveable. However, even if there is a negative side to such convenience, the reason why it remains even today may be that the positive side that covers the negative side is high. However, I thought about what kind of situation it would be good for, not just because it was good?


It is very good to incorporate old-fashioned lacquer ware into our daily lives in our daily lives. I don’t think there is any problem for those who have their lifestyle patterns in place. However, people who do not usually purchase lacquer ware because they are not familiar with it and cannot use a microwave oven, or those who find it difficult to use lacquer ware, may be able to recommend lacquer ware several times, but it may be difficult until it takes root in their lifestyle. I think it would be convenient for such people and anyone to have lacquer ware in the disaster stockpile set. I think that lacquer ware are useful even in the event of a disaster.


The lacquer ware here is premised on real lacquer ware with a wooden base.

災害時に役立つ漆器のプラスポイント Plus points of lacquer ware useful in the event of a disaster

  • 保温性 Heat retention
  • 抗菌性 Antibacterial
  • 手触り・舌触りtouch and feel
  • 軽量 lightweight
  • 丈夫さ・長持ち Durable and long-lasting

保温性 Heat retention


When you imagine the environment at the time of a disaster, electricity is often unavailable first.




For example, if you prepare a gas stove that is independent of water in case of a disaster, you can boil the water. Therefore, if you put instant soup or miso soup in a lacquer ware, you can keep it warm for a long time.

Warm things are very useful in the event of a disaster, depending on the season. I think that one warm thing can save your body and soul.

Not limited to lacquer ware, lacquered coffee cups can also be useful.


I wasn’t looking for literature on chemical data related to heat retention, but Kazumi Murose, an intangible important cultural property holder of lacquer ware, talked about it as one of the good points of lacquer ware in lectures and books. It has been.



Yuichiro Miura, who is also famous as the oldest climber of Everest, uses lacquer ware made by Kazumi Murose for lacquer ware used when climbing mountains.

In highlands like Everest, even if you prepare something warm, it will soon cool down. Until then, he used to bring plastic tableware, but Mr. Murose recommended that he tried using lacquer ware. It seems that the environment will be about -40 degrees Celsius at night, but even so, he was able to eat warm and delicious thanks to the lacquer ware.


If a disaster occurs in winter, if not Everest, it may be placed in a cold and harsh environment. Therefore, it may be useful to have one lacquer ware.

抗菌性 Antibacterial



Laquer ware has excellent antibacterial properties as well as heat retention.

As for the antibacterial effect, some of you may know that the advantages of lacquer ware are often introduced at lacquer ware shops. It is said that if there are Escherichia coli or Salmonella that affect the human body that cause food poisoning on the coated surface of lacquer ware, it will be halved after 4 hours and will be reduced to zero after 24 hours.


In an environment such as a disaster, water cannot be used freely as in everyday life. Among them, there are many invisible bacteria that cause food poisoning and poor physical condition. In particular, you need to be careful about the container that holds the ingredients that you can put in your mouth. At such times, lacquer may become a material that helps humans.


In addition, even when a disaster occurs in the summer, it is said that if you put ingredients in lacquer ware, it will not spoil easily. Of course, the refrigerator cannot be used in the event of a disaster, so it can be said that the tableware can be used at any time of the year.

手触り・舌触りtouch and feel



The feel of the lacquer film, which contains a lot of water, is like sticking. I think that this texture is not found in other materials.

It also feels especially when I use lacquer ware every day. When you drink lacquer ware with your mouth, it feels gentle and you can feel relieved with warm food.



A lacquer-coated spoon is recommended along with lacquer ware.

I have no resistance to the texture, so this lacquered spoon really saved me when I was feeling sick. When I’m feeling well, I don’t feel any discomfort with a metal spoon, but when I don’t have an appetite, a cold metal spoon sometimes reduces my appetite. With a lacquered spoon, I could make it into my mouth. I usually have both a metal spoon, but I consult with my physical condition and change my hand. Feeling relieved if there is one.


By the way, when using lacquer ware, metal cutlery will damage the lacquer coating, so we recommend using wooden or lacquer ware.

軽量 lightweight


Laquer ware is very light, although some people may not have the opportunity to hold it in their hands and try it because of its luxury and price. That may also be a factor that makes the price feel even higher.


However, in recent years, especially light weight has become an issue for various products.



In the old days, I think that the heavier the heavier, the more luxurious the image.

For example, from my experience as a salesperson, when purchasing a fountain pen as a gift, the weight and balance are also considered after trial writing, but in that case, the one that is a little heavier is more luxurious. Many people thought that so. In particular, the precious metal shaft was heavy, so it looks great as a gift, so I had the impression that the metal shaft was more popular. Some people felt that the lightweight resin shaft was cheap because of its lightness.



When I buy something myself, weight is especially important. Those who think that the lighter the actual product, the better. I think that if it is heavy, your hands will get tired and it will put a strain on your body.

Laquer ware is light, so you won’t get tired even if you have it.


Before the adventurer Yuichiro Miura brought the lacquer ware, I think that the plastic tableware was used because it was lightweight and did not burden the carrying. Laquer ware is as light as plastic, but also has various advantages such as heat retention and antibacterial properties.


In the event of a disaster, there may be times when you don’t even have a place to put your dishes when you think it’s heavy or your hands are tired. In such a case, lacquer ware can be carried without putting a load on one’s body.

丈夫さ・長持ち Durable and long-lasting



Of course, the more you use lacquer ware, the more it wears out, but the lacquer ware is very durable because the ones that were painted in the Jomon period still remain.

It is not attacked by substances such as acids, alkalis, salts and alcohol, and is also water resistant and antiseptic. If you don’t normally use lacquer ware, it will last for hundreds of years.



For disaster stockpiling, I think it is necessary to do some work such as checking that the ingredients have an expiration date and that the batteries are dead. However, if you prepare lacquer ware, there is no expiration date and you do not have to be careful.

If it gets damaged, you can use it again for a long time by repainting it.



Incorporating lacquer into modern life may be difficult for unfamiliar people, so I would be grateful if you could refer to it.

Not limited to lacquer ware, chopsticks, spoons, stationery, and other items that you hold in your hand, with an emphasis on antibacterial properties, texture, and long-lasting use, will make you more attached to them.


Today, it is full of many things. Besides lacquer, there are various traditional crafts in Japan. Each one has its own advantages depending on the individual situation of the user, and lacquer is not the best in all respects than the others. However, I think that there are some big positive aspects to what remains over time.



It is also very important to inherit and convey it.

However, since the user is basically the main character, I hope that the usage and correct understanding of lacquer, which can be used together with modern people’s lives, will become more widespread.


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