Works of student days (2017)

Traditional Arts Super College of Kyoto Graduation Work

フランス総領事賞/京都伝統工芸大学校奨励賞 受賞 Received the Consulate General of France Award / Traditional Arts Super College of Kyoto Encouragement Award


2018 同作品 第57回日本クラフト展 招待審査員秋元雄史賞 受賞

2018 This work won the Invited Jury Yuji Akimoto Award of the 57th Japan Craft Exhibition


Since I do not own the ownership of the work from graduation to independence, I will refrain from posting it here.


Custom-order work examples



Materials used: Pure gold powder (24 gold, 18 gold) / sterling silver powder / abalone shellfish / natural lacquer “URUSHI” (made in Japan only)



It is possible to apply urushi to a part instead of painting the whole. It took time to smooth out uneven surfaces. Also, although this was my first experience with Nanako-nuri, I will not hesitate to try things that I have never done before if necessary to fulfill the client’s wishes. I think that’s the real thrill of customization.


Regarding this pen, I have put together a series of work processes on my blog, so if you are interested, please read it.

Raden+Togidashi-Makie (gold)


This is a Togidashi-Makie work that combines Raden abalone shells and gold powder. The shells are scattered, and it looks like they are sown, but they are placed one by one. Four types of gold powder are sprinkled.


The design and pen are requested by the client. There are no parts such as clips or rings, and the smooth surface is easy to work with, such as sharpening and polishing, and the finish was faster than I expected.

Online Shop


Basically, I give priority to the ones that have received orders. Regarding custom orders, I often consult with the client and make it, but this work is made as I want to make in the interval of production.


Works are being sold little by little on the online sales page ↓



The production process is being posted on Instagram.If you are interested, please take a look.


In addition, I will only post on SNS if you wish or have permission. If there is no request for publication, I will not publish it at all. I do not currently accept tours of the workshop (work room) because I also store the works of customers who are working. Please be forewarned.