Summary of donations for the 2024 Noto Peninsula Earthquake (Wajima-nuri related)

I believe that there are many inquiries and interest from people overseas about where to donate to the Noto Peninsula Earthquake, so I would like to summarize the article in English.

There are many overseas collectors of Wajima-nuri in particular. Due to the recent earthquake, many Wajima-nuri craftsmen suddenly lost their homes and are working hard to rebuild, even though there is still no prospect of reopening.
Wajima-nuri is not something that can be done by one person; it is a division of labor that results in high-quality works. It is considered to be the best technique in Japan.

The techniques cultivated over many years are unique to each individual. Each craftsman is a precious asset of Wajima-nuri.

Here, I would like to compile information on craftsmen who are seeking direct support and information on how support can be provided from overseas.

Donations to Ishikawa Prefecture

Bank transfer only

Donation to organization

The Nippon Foundation (NPO)

  • via bank transfers
  • credit cards

(Until March 31, 2024)↓

The Central Community Chest of Japan

Fundraising to support NPO activities) Used as support funds for volunteer groups and NPO activities that provide direct support to affected residents in disaster-stricken areas.

  • via bank transfers
  • credit cards

Direct donation

Individuals are posting information on the damage situation and recovery status on social media, so if you are interested, please take a look at it yourself. Please note that donations are the responsibility of each individual. I will simply post the links here.

Bank transfer only

★Wajima-nuri nuri-kobo Raku

Via Paypal

Individual craftsmen and workshops directly recruit using Paypal


★hakose atelier

★Makie Sakaguchi

He is an independent makie artist. He posts in Japanese on Instagram, but you can use PayPal.↓

Additionally, as logistics functions are currently suspended, most online shops are unable to deliver overseas. If there are any Wajima-nuri shops that are now able to handle overseas shipping, I will update them here as well.

I hope that those affected by the disaster can return to their daily lives as soon as possible.


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